• Defferences Between Anticorrosive Wood and Wood Plastic Composite

    Anticorrosive wood usually refers to artificial anticorrosive wood. It is to put ordinary wood into a closed vacuum tank to exert pressure on it after adding chemical preservatives manually, so that the wood has excellent anticorrosion performance for long-term use in outdoor harsh environment. W...
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  • Wood Plastic Composite Uses and Benefits

    If you are looking to start a construction project in the near future, then you know how hard it can be to find a building material that meets your requirements. Due to recent innovations, there is a new material on the scene making heads turn. This material is WPC, and it may just change the fut...
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  • MosBuild Exhibition

    MosBuild Exhibition

    MB22- Hall 14- FLOORING-G1049 Download We are glad to tell all of you that our company will participate in the MosBuild exhibition which is held in Moscow.It will be held fr...
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  • How to Cut & Fasten Composite Decking

    How to Cut & Fasten Composite Decking

    As the upside picture shown,maybe your area is same like this ,it is irregular and you want design it with distinctive style.But WPC decking factory always told you that they will just produce one or two size and length products.When you are hearing these,you may think ...
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  • Some Tips About WPC

    Some Tips About WPC

    Wood plastic composite(WPC) products enjoy the advantages of both wood and polymer material,but it is free from their shortcomings.WPC material is high strength,prevents rotting,weather resistance,slip resistance.It can be used in landscape,gardening,villas and other outdoor platform.With so man...
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  • Can WPC decking be painted?

    Can WPC decking be painted?

    WPC decking is short for wood plastic and composite decking,it is more and more popular in all the world.When we describe the composite decking,we always say WPC decking is no painting,no glue,low maintenance.Then maybe someone will confuse that can the WPC decking boards be painted?If can,how t...
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  • Clean and Maintenance the WPC decking

    Clean and Maintenance the WPC decking

    WPC decking has many advantages over traditional hardwood flooring and is now becoming more and more popular.But no composite WPC decking is 100% maintenance free.When in use,it is still need a lot of regular maintenance to extend the service life,but maintenance is simple.Also the stains on the...
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  • The Installation Guide Of WPC Wall Cladding

    The Installation Guide Of WPC Wall Cladding

    WPC is short of wood plastic and composite,it’s weather resistance,waterproof,insect prevention and low maintenance.Because of so many good abilities,more and more people will choose WPC wall panel to decorative their wall . So maybe some customer will confuse about the installation,with the inst...
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  • How To Install WPC Decking?

    How To Install WPC Decking?

    WPC Decking enjoys the advantages of both wood and polymer material,but free from their shortcomings.So composite decking is popular in all over the world.Maybe you will be worry about the installation,don’t worry about it.Wood plastic composite decking is easy to instal...
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  • What is co-extrusion?

    What is co-extrusion?

    Co-extrusion,the latest technology in wood composite range,this advanced cap technology is co-extruded to core,its capped surface material is what gives each board unique and superior performance.The insulating properties of cap make co-extrusion board extremely stable,surface will not expand and...
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  • What is 3D embossed Series?

    What is 3D embossed Series?

    Lihua WPC 3D Embossed Composite Decking is the new technology decking product,or you can call it deep embossed or super embossed.The main technology is the deep embossed process during production.When the extrusion finished,the pattern is one the surface of the boards. New technology 3D embossing...
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  • What is WPC series?

    What is WPC series?

    WPC is short of wood plastic composite,the main material is PE and wood fibers.WPC enjoys the advantages of both wood and polymer materials.But free from their shortcomings.It is an excellent substitute for timber.WPC decking is extraordinarily durable and known for its gorgeous, realistic aesthe...
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