Outdoor Co-extruded Wood Composite WPC Cladding

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Products Ownership:WPC Cladding
Item No:Co-LS219H26
Product Origin:China
Color:Chocolate,Grey, Red Brown,Brown or customized
Shipping Port:Shanghai Port
Lead time:10-15 DAYS

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Co-extrusion WPC Cladding




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Swimming Pool,outdoor garden

Surface Treatment

Brushed or Sanding


Five years

Product Feature
●Co-extrusion,the latest technology in wood composite range,this advanced cap technology is co-extruded to core,its capped surface material is what gives each board unique and superior performance.The insulating properties of cap make co-extrusion board extremely stable,surface will not expand and contract like other composites,meanwhile its low heat absorption means bare feet will love it,plus its high UV stability its inherent color will last for years.

●Lihua’s co-extruded wall panel achieves an infinitely variable and authentic color finish,comparing only to nature timber,this advanced and innovative technology allows for incredible color blending,providing one of the best looking composite cladding!
No matter normal color or the mix color,we can do as your decision.If some special color for wall cladding,please send us your samples.

Data sheet






Falling mass impact resistance EN 15534-1:2014 Section7.1.2.1
EN 15534-5:2014 Section 4.5.1
None of the specimens shall show a failure None crack of the test specimens
Flexural properties EN15534-1:2014 AnnexA
EN 15534-5:2014 Section 4.5.2
Deflection under a load of 500N ≤5.0mmBending strength
Maximum load at fracture
Front Face:Maximum load: Mean 1906N
Deflection at 250N:Mean 0.64mmBack Face:
Maximum load: Mean 1216N
Deflection at 250N:0.76mm
Swelling and water absorption EN 15534-1:2014 Section8.3.1
EN 15534-5:2014 Section 4.5.4
Mean Swelling:≤10% in thickness,≤1.5% in width,≤0.6% in length
Max swelling:≤12% in thickness, ≤2% in width,≤1.2% in length
Water absorption:
Mean Swelling:2.25% in thickness,  0.38% in width,0.15% in length
Max Swelling:2.31% in thickness,   0.4% in width,0.22% in length
Water absorption:Mean:5.46%,Max:5.65%
Linear thermal expansion coefficient EN 15534-1:2014 Section9.2
EN 15534-5:2014 Section 4.5.5
≤50×10⁻⁶ K⁻¹ Mean:46.8 x10⁻⁶ K⁻¹
Pull through resistance EN 15534-1:2014 Section7.7
EN 15534-5:2014 Section 4.5.6
Force at failure:479N,
Mean value:479N,
Failure mode:479N
There was crack on the test specimen
Heat reversion EN 15534-1:2014 Section9.3
EN 479:1999
EN 15534-5:2014 Section 4.5.6
Test Temperature:100℃Mean: 0.09%

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  • wall cladding installation guide download

    wall cladding installation guide_01

    Q1:What kind of certification have you passed?
    A:Lihua products have been test by SGS with EU WPC quality control standard EN 15534-2004,EU fire rating Standard with B fire rating grade,American WPC at standard ASTM.

    Q2:What kind of certification have you passed?
    A:we are certified with ISO90010-2008 Quality Management System, ISO 14001:2004 environmental management system,FSC and PEFC.

    Q3:Which customers have you passed the factory inspection?
    A:Some customer from GB,Saudi Arab,Australia,Canada,etc have visit our factory,all of them are satisfied with our quality and service.

    Q4:What is your purchasing system like?
    A:1 select the right material we need,check the material quality is good or not
    2 check the material is matched with our system need and the certification
    3 doing test of the material,if passed,then will place order.

    Q5:What is the standard of your company’s suppliers?
    A:They should all match the stand of our factory requirement,such as the ISO,environmental friendly,high quality,etc.

    Q6:How long does your mold work normally? How to maintain daily? What is the capacity of each set of dies?
    A:Usually one mold can work 2-3 days,we will maintain it after each order,the capacity of each set are different,for normal boards one day is 2.5-3.5ton,3D embossed products is 2-2.5tons,co-extrusion products is 1.8-2.2tons.

    Q7:What is your production process?
    A:1.Make sure the quantity and color of the order with customer
    2.Artisan prepare the formula and make a sample to confirm the color and after treatment with customer
    3.Then make the granulation(Prepare the material),then will start manufacture,the extrusion products will be putted in the specific location,later we will do after treatment,then we package these.

    Q8:How long is the normal delivery time of your products?
    A:It will be different according to the quantity.Generally it is about 7-15 days for one 20ft container.If 3D embossed and co-extrusion products,we need 2-4 days more generally as the Complex process.

    Q9:Do you have a minimum order quantity? If so, what is the minimum order quantity?
    A:Generally we have a minimum quantity,it is 200-300 SQM.But if you want to fill up the container to the limit weight,some few products we will do them for you!

    Q10:What is your total capacity?
    A:Generally our total capacity is 1000 tons per month.As we will additive some more production lines,this will increase in later time.

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